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6 reasons to Opt for a Loan Against an Insurance Policy

In times of financial crisis; you may either borrow money from your close ones, take a personal loan or liquidate your lifelong savings. But did you know that you can take a loan against your investments such as insurance policy? You can apply it easily, and there are many advantages of opting for it compared to choosing other sources of finance.

Loan Against Insurance Policy

Here are some of the benefits of the loan against insurance policy:

1. Serves as collateral

You don’t need to keep any other or big asset other than your insurance policy to avail this loan.

2. Fewer documents

Your lender already has access to your relevant documents which you had submitted for the insurance. So you don’t have to produce any documents.

3. Less turnaround time

Unlike some loans which take months for approval, a loan against insurance policy gets approved very quickly.

4. Better interest rates

Since your lender has a guarantee, you will get this loan at lesser interest rates.

5. Flexible tenure

Despite needing fewer documents and fast approval process, this loan comes with a flexible tenure.

6. No need to liquidate

A loan against insurance policy gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of the policy without liquidating it.

These benefits make it an ideal choice when you face a financial crisis. Some lenders even offer online application for hassle-free proceedings.

To know more about the benefits of loan against an insurance policy, click here: Why Should You Use an Insurance Policy for Acquiring a Loan?

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