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A 4-point Checklist Before Signing Up for a Loan Against Property

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Applying for any loan can provide a substantial financial backing; however, like other forms of credit, it also comes with several aspects that a borrower should be aware of. So, before applying for a loan against property, you must keep these few things in mind.

  1. Borrow what you can pay back

Alarge amount of loan money may seem lucrative but paying it back with interest can surely strain your finances. So, it is advisable to only apply for such an amount which you can afford to pay back without making any further compromises.

  1. Opting for higher EMIs reduces the interest

Lower payable EMIs can help save a substantial sum during repayment. Therefore, opting for lower EMI options for a longer span is better since you don't have to face financial strain during repayment.

  1. Read the documents carefully

The legal documents that come with the loan forms contain various terms and conditions which every borrower should know about. Hence, you should always read every document carefully before signing a loan against property.

  1. Opt for an insurance plan

An insurance cover on any loan is an additional benefit but not mandatory as per the latest guidelines of RBI. This insurance protects the borrower from incurring substantial debt in case he or she meets with a sudden accident or passes away.

But before applying, take a look at the loan against property documents required and all necessary eligibility criteria to enjoy a hassle-free loan experience.

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