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All You Need To Know About Loan Against Bonds

Taking a loan against your fixed assets like shares, bonds, units, mutual funds and insurance policy helps you cater to financial obligations without breaking or withdrawing the fixed investments. Major lenders such as NBFCs offer high value loan at affordable rate of interest.

Some of the quick benefits of loan against bonds are:

You can apply for the loan online with minimum paperwork from the lender’s official website. Upon verification, eligible applicants can enjoy instant loan approval and quick disbursement. The online process is secure, fast and self-guided.

Experienced NBFCs offer high value loan up to Rs. 10 crores at affordable rate of interest and flexible repayment tenure. Loan against Bonds can be used to cater to several financial obligations of the borrower such as wedding, travel, higher studies to name a few. It must be noted that loan terms will vary as per the lender’s criteria and individual profile of the borrower.

To manage the loan effectively you may choose to foreclose or part-pay the loan with nil charges. Thus, letting you get rid of your financial responsibilities with ease thereby, improving your credit score, in the long run.

This is a form of secured loan. Applicants can pledge a wide list of securities such as Mutual Funds, FMPs, ESOPs, IPOs and Bonds which are accepted as collateral to secure the loan.

Once applied borrowers can maintain the loan online easily and access it from anywhere, at anytime. To take informed decisions during the loan cycle borrowers can even consult their Relationship Manager.

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