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Are You Looking For A Commercial Property Loan? Know about it

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One of the basic necessities for a successful business is an address. Thus, you need to purchase a new office or restructure an old one. Nonetheless, you require substantial funds for a suitable workplace. You can avail commercial property loans for any such financial needs.

This credit option is offered by the financial companies against mortgage that must be a commercial property itself. With this loan, you are free to finance any of your financial requirements.

Plus points of a commercial property loan

  • A commercial property loan is a variant of secured loan that you can borrow by mortgaging your commercial property. The funds available have no end-use restriction.

  • A mortgage loan is the ideal funding solution to buy a commercial property since the interest rates are lower than on other unsecured loans.

The value of the property you mortgage, along with your personal eligibility determines the maximum loan amount you can avail from a lender. In some cases, a loan against property can disburse up to Rs.3.5 crore from select lenders.

Choose the amount based on your eligibility and requirements. Keep in mind that substantial sums would result in increased monthly instalments as well.

In conclusion, if you are looking to avail commercial property loans, you can look for a co-applicant to reduce the financial strain. Nonetheless, you can also apply for this loan individually if you are the sole owner of the commercial property.

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