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Easily Avail Finance for Higher Studies from the Vidyalakshmi Education Loan Portal

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The Vidyalakshmi education loan portal is a unique platform on which students can view, compare, and apply for education loans. The portal is run by the Government of India and simplifies the loan application process, giving students a Common Education Loan Application Form (CELAF) to access education loan schemes with. At present, you can choose to apply for a loan with 38 registered banks and select from 127 loan schemes.

In 3 simple steps, you can apply for an education loan:

  • Register

  • Fill up a single application form

  • Apply to up to 3 banks with the CELAF

Here is more on getting a loan via the Vidyalakshmi education loan portal.

Main features of Vidyalakshmi education loan portal

  • Explore education loan schemes of banks

  • Fill a Common Education Loan Application Form

  • Apply to multiple banks, up to 3, at once

  • Compare loan offerings and pick the best

  • Track the student loan application status

  • Mention grievances or queries related to education loan

  • Access government scholarships via the National Scholarship Portal

Process to apply for education loan via Vidya Lakshmi portal

  1. Register on Vidya Lakshmi portal, login, and fill out CELAF. Then search for education loans and apply as per eligibility, loan features, and needs.

  2. Alternatively, search for an education loan after login and later, apply for it by filling out the CELAF

The interest rates offered vary depending on bank and scheme. Students can view them on the Loan Search page and use an education loan calculator to better plan for repayment.

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