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Features And Benefits of Getting a Loan Against Shares

Investing in shares is a popular choice by every kind of investment in India. However, a major benefit of this kind of investment which you may overlook is that in times of financial crisis you can avail a loan against it. This will help you liquidate the investment without having to withdraw from it or break it.

Let’s know the features & benefits of this kind of financing option -

  • Leading lenders such as NBFCs offer high-value loan amount up to Rs. 10 crores against the securities pledged. Besides, you can get a loan against a wide range of securities such as Shares, Mutual Funds, FMPs, ESOPs, IPOs and Bonds which are accepted as collateral with basic paperwork.
  • Lenders let you give an option to avail loan against shares in India online. With the country becoming a tech-savvy giant you can easily browse the lenders, compare loan offers and deals and get the loan in a matter of minutes. However, in case of doubt or for guidance you can always get in touch with the dedicated Relationship Manager of the lender to make informed decisions.
  • The loan can be easily maintained online and accessed from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to make and track payments and be regular with them. You have access to all loan details no matter where you are and take quick decisions.
  • While nil or zero part payment and foreclosure charges make managing the loan easier without affecting your regular expenses.
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