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How to Apply for a Loan Against Shares?

If you have ever invested in anything such as gold, fixed deposit, insurance, shares, etc., then you can always get a loan against it. One similar type of loan is a loan against shares, where you keep shares as the security of the loan. There is no need to sell the shares, you can just keep the shares as collateral with the bank or NBFC and get the loan.

These shares are usually very liquid from top companies and highly valued securities. So, you can get a loan amount to 50% to 70% of the value of the shares.

You can apply in any financial institution, however, it will be better to apply in any renowned NBFC such as Bajaj Finserv as they make it easier with the support of customer portal, Expedia. Moreover, if you apply for a loan against shares, an account will be opened in your name with an ATM card, personalized chequebook, and even mobile and internet banking facilities and cash withdrawal facilities.

loan against shares application form
  • Shares that are held in the names of HUF, minors, companies and NRIs cannot be pledged. The shares that are held by adult individuals are eligible.
  • You also need to provide some relevant documents along with your application. Those are identity proof, residence proof, income proof like a salary slip, recent bank statements of the last 6 months, PAN card, cancelled cheque, holding statement from the depository participant, etc.
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