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Important Things You Must Know About Loan Against Securities

If you are planning to break your mutual fund or any such security to avail instant funds, think again. Firstly, this may not be a wise decision and secondly, you can avail funds against these fixed investments known as a loan against securities.

Leading NBFCs to offer high-value loan against securities when you pledge them as collateral/ security/ guarantee against them.

Let’s know more of the features and benefits of this loan:

Applicants can choose from a list of securities to pledge as collateral. These include Mutual Funds, Shares, FMPs, ESOPs, Bonds and IPOs which are accepted as a guarantee for the loan.

Loan seekers can easily apply for the online from the comfort of their home or office. You can log in to the lender’s online portal and simply fill up an e-form and submit. Their representative will contact you to discuss your requirement and for relevant paperwork. Upon verification, eligible applicants can avail instant loan with quick disbursement.

If you are new to the process you can take guidance from a dedicated Relationship Manager. They will provide you relevant information and offer assistance on the loan as and when needed to help you make informed decisions.

Loan seekers can avail high-value loan up to Rs. 10 crores with minimum paperwork, at an affordable rate of interest on loan against securities and it will not create a burden on the loan seeker. They can opt for nil part-payment and foreclosure charges on the loan to allow them to pay off the loan easily.

With so many benefits it is thus, advised to choose the security to be pledged and lender wisely to avail maximum benefit from the loan.

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