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Loan Against Shares: What and Where to Get it?

In the recent years, a new mortgage loan facility - a loan against securities, wherein the borrower can mortgage his/ her investment securities in place of a property and avail the desired amount as loan (up to what he/ she is eligible for). So, if you are planning to apply for that, here’s what you should know.

What is a loan against shares?

A loan against shares is a type of mortgage loan wherein the borrower can pledge investment securities owned by them. However, one has to ensure the security being pledged is listed in the ‘acceptable’ list of securities of the lender. Once approved for the loan, an applicant can borrow as much as 60 to 70 percent of the collaterals’ market value as loan.

Who to approach for a loan against shares?

As of now, there are more than a 100 National banks providing the required services. Apart from that, there are multiple NBFCs providing loan against shares. You can approach either of the financial institutions to avail the loan. All you have to do is find out the different schemes available in the market using the internet.

Later on, you can compare the available options based on which suits your needs better and then proceed with applying for the loan.

You can use the online application feature to apply and avail the required financial assistance from loan against securities. The things you have to make sure is, you’re eligible for the loan and you have all the documents with you at the time of applying.

To know more about this facility in detail, click here - Ways to Borrow Loan Against Shares From Banks or NBFC​

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