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Necessary Guidelines On Loan Against Property

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Around the world, loan against property is a very popular kind of loan that one can easily borrow from a reputed bank or NBFC. This is because when you put your property as the collateral, chances are very likely that your bank will lend you money easily and will approve for long term tenure.

When you have a lump sum amount requirement and you have no other way to get it in low interest, loan against property is the best solution.

Here are some of the things you must know about loan against property.

Flexible Loan Tenor

When you are planning to borrow loan against the property you should know that with a property as collateral you may apply for long tenure to repay the loan. The repayment scheme gets flexible with LAP and you can pay in easy EMIs.

Best Lenders

Always rely on the renowned banks and NBFCs for mortgage loans. Leading banks and NBFCs provide lower mortgage loan interest rate. For both salaried and self-employed, LAP can be borrowed from as high as 1 crore depending on the value of the property.


Yes, even if it is LAP, credit score is essential. Your bank will always check your credit score before lending your loan. This helps the institute, lending you money to know that you are eligible and capable to pay the loan borrowed. Your credit score also affects your interest rate and amount of loan you can borrow. Any fault in credit history may ruin your chances of getting a loan against your property. Always make sure to check and read the factors influencing the loan against property interest rate.

Bottom Line:

Approval of LAP is quick and easy and it is the best way to help you with immediate cash requirement.
4 Factors Affecting the Loan Against Property Interest Rates
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