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Property Tax Delhi Online Payment Method Revealed

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The property tax Delhi collection is done by various municipal corporations in the city as per the area of your home. The Municipal Corporation in Delhi (MCD), situated in the North, is known as the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). 

Therefore, if a property is located in the North, its house tax can be paid on its website. It can’t be done on the South Delhi Municipal Corporation website. 

Let’s know how to pay property tax Delhi after following a few easy steps. Read on!

Property tax Delhi online payment method 

1. Log on to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s property tax website. 

2. Choose your area’s municipal corporation. Search if your property comes under North, South, East or West Corporation’s jurisdiction. 

3. Now, check the box right to accept the terms and conditions. Hit the ‘Click Here to File Property Tax’ option. 

4. If your property tax has been online earlier, you can use the property ID for making the payments directly. You can find your property ID in different tax receipts. You can also search for your property ID online. It will need your colony name, the name of the owner and property type. 

5. If you are paying the home tax for the first time, choose to pay property tax online ‘First Time Online Tax Payers’ and hit ‘Click Here to File Return if property ID allotted earlier.’ 

6. You will land on a new page, and here, you have to fill in the property's ownership details. Once done, the portal will automatically calculate your house tax. 

7. Now, hit ‘Submit’ and pay using one of the preferred payment modes. 

8. Click the ‘Generate Challan’ button to save it for future references. 

You can now follow the steps to pay property tax online in Delhi and save your time and efforts.     

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