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Steps to Pay Property Tax Online in Delhi

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Property tax helps local bodies generate revenue to maintain civic services and provide amenities to its citizens. Property tax in Delhi is levied on real estate and vacant land. The local body in concern here is the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and it is divided into North MCD, South MCD, and East MCD.

The formula used by the MCD for the property tax is: Annual Value x Rate of Tax, and the property tax rate is revised on an annual basis. Moreover, Delhi is divided into 8 categories, A to H, and the rate for the house tax in Delhi differs as per the category the property falls under. Paying your dues in Delhi is easy as you can pay property tax online.

Below are the steps for how to pay property tax online

  • Visit the MCD website and click on the correct MCD (East/ North/ South)

  • Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box

  • Click on ‘Click here to pay property tax 2020-21’

  • Enter property ID, which can be found on previous house Tax Challans or if you do not have a property ID, click on ‘Click here to file your return if property ID has not been allotted earlier’

  • View property ownership details on the next page

  • Fill details as required and compute the tax payment

  • Click ‘Submit’ and pay property tax online via credit/ debit card or Net Banking

  • Generate the challan to complete the process

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