Tips for Planning a Picture-Perfect Wedding with Marriage Loan

The wedding industry in India is estimated to be $50 billion in valuation. Weddings have always been an extravagant affair in Indian culture. Every expense surrounding such an occasion requires substantial funding.

However, in the present scenario, destination weddings coupled with photo shoots, designer clothes, jewellery, etc. have increased the budget considerably. To be able to afford these expenses, many individuals opt for personal loans. However, marriage loan against property are the best way forward.

Here are some tips that make your dream wedding a pocket-friendly affair to remember:

Three Tips to Ensure a Dreamy but Pocket-Friendly Wedding:

  1. Make a Smart Choice Regarding Destination: If you have been dreaming about destination weddings, you should make sure that you make an intelligent choice regarding the destination itself. Choosing a country that provides higher value for Indian currency is a smart choice. You can select picturesque places like Indonesia, Thailand, and others to get the best value out of your loan for wedding.

  2. Choose a Good Photography Company: When it comes to capturing your wedding in a photos and videos, there should be no compromise. Choosing the best photographer for the wedding and pre-wedding shoots is a must.

  3. Shop Smartly: Paying close attention and sticking to pocket-friendly places will be a much better choice than buying an expensive designer dress. A better investment option would be gold jewellery rather than diamond. Using a wedding loan against property to invest in gold is never a bad investment.

Make use of a loan against property to take care of all these above expenses. These loans come with lower rate of interest and longer tenors compared to personal loans.

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