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Top 3 Education Loan Against Property Interest Subsidy and their Benefits

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Studies consider that 59% of MNC and private employers consider studying abroad to be more valuable. But pursuing such a dream comes with a cost. For such an occasion, many financial organisations have come up with various monetary solutions including educational loan against property with interest subsidy.

The education loan against property procedure is made simple and easily accessible so a student can swiftly pursue their higher-studies. Few schemes that make availing education loans easier include –

  1. Central scheme of interest subsidy – This method offers subsidised interest rates on education loans. Students belonging from economically weaker or lower income groups of the society can easily avail such loans.

  2. Padho Pradesh – In this scheme, students studying abroad can only be eligible for an education loan. This scheme enables higher employability.

  3. Dr Ambedkar Central Sector Scheme of Interest Subsidy – This particular scheme is offered to students belonging from the economically backward classes. So, these students can avail subsidy on their educational loans.

There are a few benefits of availing these educational loans property interest subsidy. The benefits are –

  • Reduced cost of the loan – Subsidised interest rates substantially reduce the interest payable and the total cost of loan.

  • Easy repayment structure – These interest rates reduce monthly EMIs, making it easier for the borrower to repay.

Subsidised education loans against property enable students to pursue their aspirations without financial constraints. Know all about a loan against property for education and how subsidised interest rates make availing loans more efficient and affordable.


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