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What Are Some Basic Land Measurement Units Used in India?

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The land measurement units vary from place to place to India. While in the north, the units are called Kanal, Kattha, Marla, etc., the same units are named differently in Southern India. They are called Cent, Ankanam, Guntha, etc. there.

In the backdrop of such vast differences despite having standard units such as square feet, square yard, square metre, etc., locals still use the traditional names of that specific region.

Having a clear understanding of converted units will aid in more fundamental understanding and also lead to uniformity. You can also use an area conversion calculator to determine the land size, in case you are purchasing a plot at a different location from your current State.

List of basic land measuring units

Some of the most commonly used measuring units for land are as follows –

  • 1 Acre = 100 sq mtr

  • 1Hectare = 10,000 sq mtr

  • 1Acre = 40 Gunta

  • 1Acre = 43560 sq feet

In North India –

  • 1Bigha = 968sq yd

  • 1Biswa = 45 sq yd

  • 1Killa = 4840 sq yd

  • 1kanal = 5445 sq ft

  • 1Sarsahi = 30.25 sq ft

  • 1Ghumaon = 4840 sq yd

In South India –

  • 1cent = 435.6 sq ft

  • 1Ground =2400 sq ft

  • 1Guntha = 1089 sq ft

  • 1Kuncham = 484 sq yd

  • 1Ankanam = 72 sq ft

It is essential to have standard naming of the same or at least have an area calculator for the same. It will help in assessing the land area based on which you can avail the loan against property if required.

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