How To Manage Your Loan Against Property EMI?

A mortgage loan is a secured form of loan as you offer your property as the collateral. But borrowers at some point of time may find themselves tough to manage the EMI.

Let’s discuss how to manage the loan against property.

  • You can pay higher EMI if you can manage your budget accordingly. This is because you can reduce the loan against property burden that will help you to close your loan early. Before the exact time period, if you close your loan by paying more EMI, you can significantly save money in the long run and can save yourself from the headache of a long term loan. You save on the compounding interest that depends on the length of your tenor. Be it your bank or Bajaj Finserv loan against property scheme, you can increase the EMI amount.

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  • You may also go for a partial prepayment scheme as that will definitely reduce your burden to a really good extent. When you can pay more, there is no point in stretching your loan amount. If you receive a big amount, just use that in clearing a percentage of your bank or NBFC loan amount.

  • Refinancing is another option you can take advantage of. This is a method in which you can switch to a different lender to get a comparatively lower interest rate. This, in turn, will decrease your EMI. Say, you can switch from your existing lender to Bajaj Finserv loan against property scheme to see some reduction in your loan rate of interest.

No matter what you plan to do, always choose the best and most suitable loan scheme for you.

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