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Things to Know Before Apply for a Property Loan

Loan against property is one of the type of loan you can have in case you want your property to keep under mortgage. In fact, it gives ample loan amount as per your needs an also allows to repay. However, you will have to pledge your residential or commercial property as collateral. The best thing about the property loan is you get low interest rates compared to other loan options.

However, like every other loan process, you need to consider some important things so you can get the loan easily.

  • Documents Required-Finance lending companies will ask for certain documents. You can connect with the company to know about loan against property documents required to process the loan. Essential documents required are- bank statement, property statement, ID proof, IT returns etc. 
  • Check your CIBIL Score- The very first thing to consider is the CIBIL score. Lending of loan completely depends on how good your CIBIL score is. A CIBIL score above 700 and above is suitable to get all kinds of loans. Lenders also look for income profile to gauge if you can make payments or not. You must have the knowledge how to improve credit score for  getting loan approval instantly.
  • Know the current value of the collateral-Lenders usually decide how too much to lend depending on the property condition and overall market value. This is actually the part of deciding the loan-to-value, and lenders do not offer loan over 80% of collateral's value.

If you are clear with your doubts or questions regarding property against loan things, you can easily approach banks for the same.

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